Young Man              Christian Condra 

Norma                     Gabrielle Bousom

Young Woman         Nicky Kalck

Flowerman               Chris Abel 

Doctor                      Jeff Angel

Man on Street          Richard Griffith 

Victim 1                    Jordan Leigh Wheatley

Victim 2                    Shauna Keith

Victim 3                    Grace Carlton 

Young Girl 1             Sadie Abel

Young Girl 2             Charity Griffith 

Old Woman              Judy Lombardo

Older Son                 Seth Jacobsen 

Baseball Player        Brayden Hipp

Ice Cream Girl          McKayla Kalck

Jump Rope Girl        Zora Coe

The Man Who Loved Flowers

A young man walks the city in the summer in search of flowers for his crush- all while vicious murders are occurring. Based on the short story by Stephen King.

Directed by                         Cameron E Grimm

Screenplay by                    Cameron E Grimm

Story by                              Stephen King

Assistant Director  -           Gabrielle Bousom

Producers                          Samantha Grimm

                                          Jessica Cupp

                                          Bob Gill

                                          Hanna Chesher

Director of Photography    Bobbee Darko

Sound Mixer                      Josh Beck

Editors                               Bobbee Darko

                                          Josh Beck

Music Director                   Rick Connell

Makeup Artist                    Chelsea Swinford

                                          Andrea Meyer

Storyboard Artist               Brian Ingermann

BTS Camera                     Christian Griffith

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